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Dog Fever Symptoms

dog fever symptoms
Dogs are very similar to humans and they can have fever the same way as we do.
There are usually indicators and change in your pet behaviours to tell us that something is not normal.
Since your dog can't talk it is the your duty to watch for signs of dog fever symptoms and take care of them when they have don't feel well.
Dog fever symptoms
These are the signs to tell that your dog is not feeling well and starting to have fever.
  • Overheated or body temperature raised above 103 degree fahrenheit
  • coldness and shivering
  • depression and sad expression
  • respiration rate or pulse rate increase
  • coughing
  • sneezing
  • watery eyes
  • drooling a lot
  • red gum or swollen
  • lethargy
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • faints or collapses
  • rough or dull coat
  • clearly decreased in activity
  • urinating problems or excessive urination for more than 12 hours
  • loss of balance while walking, staggering and falling
  • scratching at eyes or ears for a long time
  • discharge from eyes, nose or ears
  • breathing difficulty
  • hot and prolonged panting
  • whining for unclear reason
  • increase or loss of appetite for more than 24 hours
  • eat more but losing weight
  • restlessness
  • unusual lack of activity or excessive sleeping
  • excessive water drinking
Other related symptoms are scratching, itching, painful movement or even bloody stools.
Some of the dog symptoms mentioned above are quiet serious and need to check with your vet because it may related to parasites, bacteria infections and diseases.

Dog fever prevention
Dog grown up in the house and they have no nature sense of survival like wild dogs. It is the owner duty to keep their dog in good health by giving them a regular exercise, proper diet and routine health check with your veterinarian. It is very important that you must memorize and remember your dog normal habits so the owner can detect their dog fever and symptoms when they are not feeling well. Always remember that prevention is better than cure.

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