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Dog Training Dog Obedience Training Explained

Dog Training Information:

Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog there are a few essential ingredients that ensure a happy long term relationship. The first ingredient is health. A healthy dog is a lot easier to live with. Secondly, you want to make sure you invest in some type of dog training program. Dog training is a lifelong commitment.
It may begin with steps like housebreaking, however as your dog grows your training will too. The third ingredient to a happy relationship with your dog is the equipment. Dogs have special needs and are significantly better behaved when those needs are met. When you have a commitment to building a bond with your dog and are willing to provide these three key ingredients, you and your dog are guaranteed a lifetime of love, obedience, and happiness.

Your Dog’s Health Matters

The first step to a long and happy life with your dog is to make sure your dog or puppy is healthy. Dog Health PictureThis begins first and foremost by choosing the right breed for your family. Some dog breeds suffer from knee and hip problems while others can be aggressive if they’re not trained properly. Some dogs require significant daily exercise while others are content couch potatoes.
A visit to your veterinarian for a checkup is necessary as soon as you bring your new dog home. In addition to checking out your dog’s health, updating vaccinations and having your pet spayed or neutered, you may need to have your veterinarian investigate dog skin problems and check their teeth. Dog dental care is part of raising a happy, healthy and well adjusted dog.

You can find breed and care information online, in your library’s dog care section or in your local pet supply store’s book section. If you’re bringing home an older dog, be sure you’re prepared to accommodate your new dog’s care requirements. Older dogs can have a host of bad habits. Don’t let that deter you from adopting an older dog. With care, patience and special dog training you can become a happy dog owning family. To give your dog the best start in life, make sure you and your family are ready for dog ownership. With the proper attention to care and the health of your dog you can raise a well behaved and respected canine and member of your family.

Supply Proper Dog Gear and Equipment

Dog ChewingTo be a good dog owner you have to understand what your dog needs and wants. Dogs are natural chewers. They dig, bark, and can be destructive. You can solve all of these problem behaviors with the right attention and training. For example, excessive barking may be a result of boredom or anxiety.
Eliminate the cause of the behavior and you eliminate the behavior.  Provide your dog with the right toys and positive reinforcement when they chew on ‘good things’ and you can correct this behavior.
Finding the cause of the behavior is the first step to proper training and better behavior. Dog trick training may be the ideal solution because your dog may be looking for interaction and structure. And that old saying, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks isn’t true. You can. Female puppies, male puppies and older dogs regardless of the dog breed can learn obedience, tricks, and special behaviors you just need the right program and dog training technique.

Your new four legged family member will require a lot of care. If you’ve purchased a new puppy then that care begins with puppy proofing your home. You’ll need to purchase a crate, a dog bed, dog collars, healthy dog food dog treats and of course you’ll need to educate yourself on dog grooming and perhaps buy dog grooming supplies. All of these can be found at online dog supplies stores.

Successful Dog Ownership Means Choosing the Right Dog Training Program

There are virtually hundreds of options and well proven puppy training techniques to choose from. Dog Training CourseSome of the best dog training options include home dog training programs, professional dog trainers, obedience puppy training, and of course you can purchase an online dog training program or dog training videos.

Much of your decision will be based on your needs. If you have a young puppy you may want a training program to help you say goodbye to potty training woes. You may also want a puppy behavior training program, crate training, house training, or even leash training. If you have an older dog then you may be more interested in advanced dog training techniques like agility training. Or you may simply want to learn to train to train your dog at home like a professional dog trainer.

What Dog Behavior Do You Want To Tackle First?

Puppy Potty TrainingThe first step to finding the right puppy obedience training or dog training program is to determine your needs and priorities. Then you can look for a program that focuses on behavioral science methods. One that approaches dog training in a successful and positive manner and is built on solid dog training knowledge.

Dogs need to be socialized. It’s not enough to simply train your dog to sit, stay, or walk on a leash. And while advanced dog tricks aren’t necessary you do want your dog to understand what is expected. You want to make sure they’re well behaved around other animals, children and guests in your home. This takes patience and vigilance on your part. While many people still adhere to old school dog training, more cutting edge information has shown that it’s important to build a relationship based on trust.

This is accomplished with clicker training, positive reinforcement and an understanding of dog behavior. You don’t have to be the dog whisperer to have a fantastic relationship with an amazingly well behaved dog. You just have to find the right dog training program and commit to it. Training can be a lifelong process advancing from basic commands and behaviors to more complicated disciplines like agility training, guard dog training or advanced tricks.

Dog Obedience and Behavior is a Lifelong Commitment

As you own your dog your lives will change. Your dog will grow older and their needs will change. It’s important to stay on top of your dog’s health care needs, gradually changing dog training Old Dogrequirements and what makes your dog happy. It’s also important to stay aware of dog training methods and new training techniques as they’re discovered.
Just a decade or two ago people didn’t realize the importance of cruelty free dog training techniques. They strove to be the Alpha by dominating their dog. Since then top professional dog trainers and behaviorists have found that it’s much more effective to work with a dog’s natural drives and instincts. Positive reinforcement is the key to building a lifelong bond of trust and obedience.

How Do You Stay On Top Of New Techniques And Commit To Continuing Dog Training Education?

Find a trusted resource. Check out dog training book reviews. Review dog training videos and obedience programs. Learn what the animal experts have to say.

Becoming a top notch dog owner requires five things:

  1. A commitment to keeping your dog healthy and happy.
  2. A knowledge of your breed, dog behaviors, and professional obedience and trick training techniques.
  3. The desire to not only find the right puppy behavior and/or dog behavior program but also the patience to see it through.
  4. A commitment to developing a trust relationship through proper dog training.
  5. A lifelong approach to learning from dog professionals about how to care and keep your dog.

Consult the experts, hire a professional trainer, attend an obedience class and learn what it means to have a canine as part of your family. Dogs are wonderful creatures. They make a perfect addition to the lives of many and become valuable family members. Do your part to raise a happy and healthy dog. Find a quality training program, take care of their health, and commit to providing the proper care and equipment.

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