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Symptoms of Dog Poisoning

Dog poisoning can be caused by many ways such as ingestion, gas inhale, absorbed through the skin by direct contact with certain type of substances etc.
All dogs are curious by nature and they love to explore dirty places. This can make them have direct contact with poison insects, dead animals remain and toxic plants.
Dog poisoning diagnosis
If you suspect that your dog may have been poison by some chemical products then you must identify the poison as quick as possible. Read the identification label on the chemical products and if it is unclear on the toxic informations then call the poison control center.
Symptoms of dog poisoning
Ingestion, inhaled or absorbed of poison substances can causes a wide range of symptoms such as:
  • mouth irritation
  • skin rash
  • lethargy
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • lack of appetite
  • drooling
  • staggering
  • hallucination causing over-reaction to sound or light
  • breathing difficulty
  • bleeding disorders
  • muscle tremor and rigidity
  • seizure
  • heart failure
  • kidney or liver problems
  • coma and death.
The effect of poisoning may take time and not always visible at first. Most signs of poisoning symptoms will be apparent within 3 days and some case of illness will take up to months or even years to show the signs of symptoms. The conditions and expose of dog poisoning depended mainly on the quantity of the chemical substances taken into the body and time that the chemical substances remain in the body before the treatment begun. Faster treatment given to your dog may prevent significant and serious illness but you should be aware that some poisoning can cause permanent damage and even death eventhough the treatment is given right away.
If you has seen your dog eaten poisonous substance but still feeling well at the moment then don't assume by yourself that he is going to be fine. Call your local veterinarian immediately and tell them all the informations you can give such as what kind of chemical substances ingested by your dog, quantity, approximate length of time that the incident occur etc.
Dog poisoning treatment
For contaminated atmosphere case move your dog away from the position of the poisoning source as quick as possible. If your pet stop breathing and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is required then do not inhale your pet exhaled air.
Lower poison absorption rate by coating it in the intestinal tract with a blinding substance. After that laxative will be given to to speed up the elimination process.
When the signs of dog poisoning symptoms is visible then do not force your dog to drink anything or attempt to induce vomiting. Call your veterinarian immediately for effective treatments.
Dog poisoning prevention
Keep all the poison chemical products away from your pets.
Destroy all the unuse medicines and poison chemical products whenever possible.
If you are using rat bait then be sure to put them in the container to prevent your dog from direct contact with the bait.

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