Thursday, April 12, 2012

Crestoxie dogs

The Cresoxie is a mix between a Chinese Crested and a Dachshund purebreds and are called hybrid dogs. They are small to medium size dogs having weight around 15-28 pounds and standing not more than 18 inches.

A comparative study of the parent breeds shows that these hybrids are alert, social, loyal, courageous and cheerful. These qualities make a very good family dog but one of the parent breed, the Dachshund, is not known for their obedience and good behaviour towards other dogs and pets. On the contrary, these Dachshunds are known to be wilfull and disobeying to their owners. This trait, if dominante in the resultant hybrid, can make them not suitable for families with small children or other pets. If this trait is not dominante, they can make a good family pets.

Color They are found in black, black and tan, brown and red colours.


The Crestoxie hybrids have two types of coats. One is hairless type in which hair are only present on the head, ears and legs of the hybrid. Other one is powderpuff where the whole body is covered with fine and wiry hair.

They can be good family pets if they do not inherit hounding instincts of the Dachshund. They are alert, social, loyal, and courageous but at the same time, stubborn and wilfull. They may or may not be suitable for families with small children. They would need supervision of elders when they are around children or other dogs and pets in the family.

The hairless type needs sunscreen when going out in sun.

The powderpuff type needs freequent grooming and regular brushing.

They are not easy to train. Their wilfull and stubborn behaviour makes them harder to train. They would need a strong packleader who can train them with firm and consistant training sessions.

These hybrids would require fair amount of exercises and playing opportunities.

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