Wednesday, April 25, 2012

names of male dogs

this is a litle names of dogs

Aaron – A very strong Biblical name of a high priest. A leader’s quality would be expressed by this name.

Abe – Naming your pet dog after the President Abe Lincoln’s? That is one lucky dog you got there.

Able – If you’re the kind of person to name a U.S. 1946 nuclear weapon test for a dog, this dog should be very intimidating.

Abner – For a dog name? You’ll bring back the blues of the one-man band, Abner Jay.

Ace – Poker anyone? Well, this is a proud name for dog that gives a winning streak.

Adam – As a bible inspired name, this dog should be a male with a good impression.

Adonis – Is your dog a handsome male? Having a Greek god for his name is just awesome.

Aiden – Do you think your dog is a rockstar? Why not name him after an American rock band? this dog would sure be famous.

Aika – An MMORPG for a dog name? it’s a fascinating name that brings the game alive.

Ajax – A splendid name for a big dog if you ask me. Naming a dog after a great Trojan war hero? Now who wouldn’t want that.

A.J. – Initials of your friend’s name? It would be fun to have them meet your dog afterwards!

Aladdin – A famous Disney character that people would definitely remember.

Akira – are you an Japanese anime fan? Well, here is cool name from a famous Japanese anime character!

Alex – Is he a male dog? This is one sexy name for your puppy.

Alexi – A finnish rock star or a major league baseball pitcher? Maybe your dog can be both.

Alexis – Alexis Smith? She could be a famous actress or a strong male. Either way, this is a very popular name.
Alfie – You think your dog is great stud? Alfie is the name of a womanizer from an american movie.

Alfredo – You may have known a guy with this name or could it be a famous pasta dish.

ALI – Does it rings a bell? Definitely, the name of a legendary boxer is way too good.

Alize – Is it the well known liqour brand? Or the name of a girl you met in a bar?

Alpha – You guessed it! Definitely for a male. If he’s a first born, then this name is a match.

Alvin – one of the chipmunks? Well, if he’s that energetic then this name suits best.

Amigo – why give a spanish and portuguese name for you dog? He could your best bud.

Ammo – If he’s a guard dog, then AMMO would be a good name for him.

Andre – A fancy name for male. Well, this is one proud dog.
Andrew – you think your dog is an intelligent male? Or perhaps you’ve known a person by this name.

Andy – this name is good for both gender. Indeed, it just gives a sexy impression.

Ankh – the symbol of life. A suitable name for a rescue dog.

Antonio - An alternative for the name Anthony. Or is he Antonio Banderas?

Anubis – Go get him anubis! An Egyptian god for a dog name is just cool.

Apollo – Named after a Greek god, this is an excellent name for a masculine dog.

Archer – If he’s a hunting dog, then it would be an honor to give him this name.

Archie – Definitely, a character from a famous comic book strip.

Argo – Another greek entity which would remind people of Jason and the Argonauts.

Arlo – A name popularized by a folksinger, Arlo Guthrie.

Armageddon – This could be one fierce name for a dog.

Armani – A well-groomed dog? Or a famous fashion label by an Italian designer.

Armstrong – a name of a famous astronaut, Neil Alden Armstrong.

Arnie – Exactly! This is a cute name for a miniature dog.

Arnold – Hey arnold! Or just the person that everybody knows, Arnold Schwarzenneger.

Arrow – A very skillful name for a well-trained dog.

Arson – Negating the definition of this name, this is best for a firefighting dog.

Asset – If you see your dog as your advantage, then this name would tell it to people.

Atlas –You think your dog is that strong? A cool name for another big dog!

Attila – This is a fierce dog name from a historical Hun warrior.

Auggie – A suitable name for a cuddly dog!

Augustus – A historical name of a roman emperor, Augustus Caesar.

Austin – Where is my mojo? A cool name from a classic movie, Austin Powers.

Azzy – is this dog related to the Osbournes? Or does it just sound like a rock star.

Axo – If your dog is hyperactive, then Axo should give him a sporty impression. This name is popularize by a motorcycle company.

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