Monday, April 30, 2012

Shark is a Dangerous Killer

white shark killerwhite shark killerwhite shark killerwhite shark killerwhite shark killerwhite shark killerwhite shark killerIt is the ultimate predator, nature's most efficient killing machine which can hunt and kill its prey with remarkable ease. These shots capture the splendour and horror of a two ton great white shark weighing leaping 10ft from the water as it closes inevitably on its victim. After reaching speeds of up to 35mph on its ascent from the depths, the shark uses serried ranks of razor-sharp teeth to tear into the seal. The wildlife photographer Chris Fellows spends over half of each year waiting off the coast of South Africa to capture the sharks at their grisly work. These dramatic pictures, taken near Seal Island, in False Bay, are part of a decade-long campaign to promote positive awareness of great white sharks, which are classed as "endangered" largely due to being hunted by man. On occasion the photography team used an artificial lure to attract the sharks before snapping them in action with the seals. The average great white in the waters around Seal Island measures between 12-16ft, with the biggest being a near 20-feet long giant spotted in 1997.

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